Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Thurston Moore - Benediction

I was trying really hard to avoid another Sonic Youth-related post so soon after my last, but this song has fully taken over a small spot in my brain and isn't moving out any time soon.

'Benediction' is the first song to be leaked from Thurston Moore's new solo record, Demolished Thoughts, produced by Beck (check them out 15 years ago looking moody on the cover of Crossbeat):

Beck & Thurston in '96

A finger-picked introduction leads to a simple acoustic track with sweeping strings and a plucked harp, laced with heartbreaking grace and affection. As the title hints, there is a heavily religious essence to the song, with mentions of "Thunder demons swipe her halo / and then they run away", and "With benediction in her eyes /  Our dearest gods are not suprised". The lyrics carry the sentiments of gratitude, security and pleasure, but with suggestion of a devouring relationship; possibly with faith, possibly with a partner, but one that urges a level of caution to both sides, warning "you'd better tie your lover down, tie him to the ground... I know better than to let you go".

You can download the track now over at NPR. Demolished Thoughts will be out on the 23rd May (I can't wait).

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