Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Weird Menace - Beyond Belief

I wrote about Weird Menace some time ago, when they first outed the stark, subconscious roaming of the self-explanatory song, 'Demo'. It was all hazy vocals against a firm repetition, with occasional streaks of chorus lines, that wasn't yet fully formed, but hinted at what could be.

In the past year or so, the trio became a duo and then a trio once again, and their faces were shown on this virtual domain; a single press shot showed them to be Emma Wigham, Katy Cotterell and Bob D'Mello (Merida from La La Vasquez was their original drummer). Their new song, 'Beyond Belief' is a striking and tense offering, and can be downloaded for free below.

Suplex Cassettes will release Weird Menace's debut EP on the 18th March. The 'Weird Menace EP' features 5 songs on white cassette, available with two alternate covers, and limited to 100 copies (+ each comes with an instant download code). Available at http://suplexcassettes.bigcartel.com/

There will also be a tape release party at Power Lunches on 14th March.