Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Bookmark: Studio Sweet Studio

For all those who are guilty of sitting on the top decks of buses and casting an occasional peek into other people's living rooms, or can't resist a quick look into brightly lit windows when walking down a dark street at night - nosey parkers, you are not alone. Maybe it's slightly voyeuristic, maybe it's slightly illegal and creepy, but brief glances of how others' live can be fascinating (just be sure to stop yourself before you start investing in binoculars - let Hitchcock's Rear Window serve as a warning).

It's rare to see inside the personal rooms of other people - usually some sort of relationship must be formed first. But Studio Sweet Studio, my buddy Tuesday and her friend Meg's new project, unlocks the secret world of artist's studios and answers the question, "Who lives in a house like this?".

Starting off as a zine (the first issue launched in Autumn 2010), Studio Sweet Studio has now launched online and is a visual feast, documenting creative folk's workspaces and considering how an artist's environment affects creative work and acts as an extension of an artist's “visual brand”.

The website is super cute, featuring Tuesday's signature illustrations and hand drawn link buttons, all set on a light peach and orange background. As well as photographic tours of artists' work areas, Studio Sweet Studio also offers a regular artist feature, 'how to' guides, step-by-step process instructions and an ideas section for those slightly lacking in light-bulb moments.

ALL + ETC in their shared studio (image from Studio Sweet Studio)

On the first studio tour, Tuesday and Meg showcase Annie Lee Larson's strikingly bright and patterned hand-made knitwear, in a studio that she shares with graphic designer Eric Timothy Carlson in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA). From the pillars of rainbow yarn stacked up on shelves to the drawers of multi-coloured buttons and a look inside their trusty cassette box (there's a lot of Oingo Boingo and Depeche Mode!), the photographs act as a visual guide of both artists' main influences and previews their work processes in action.

Already off to a strong start, Studio Sweet Studio is an endlessly fascinating look into the background behind creative endeavors, and a bookmark MUST!

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