Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Event: Eagle Legs London / Shebang Issue #3 Launch

Today, the 30th March, has had a giant felt-pen ring around it in my diary for the past few months. And a little gold star sticker. And maybe a few huge exclamation marks around it for good measure.

I want to avoid too much self-promotion on this blog as I know it gets a bit tiring after a while (speaking of which, have you seen my Tumblr? Read my zine? Heard my band? Wanted to gouge your eyes out in frustration at yet another blog being one big MEMEMEMEME?). BUT today I can make a tiny exception as I'm too damn excited to want to write about anything else.

After two years (which passed terrifyingly fast) in the making, today the third issue of my zine Shebang will finally be in my hands, which have now turned slightly claw-like after two years spent typing and transcribing and emailing and subediting. It's being posted from Falmouth, Cornwall so should be arriving in five boxes at any minute. It feels like waiting for a first date, that weird mix of being crazily excited, and also terrified that you won't recognise them / they won't be how you imagined, or that they won't show up, which in this case would be slightly irritating, considering we've booked an entire night in London around the launch of the issue.

My friend Rushka and I run a night called Eagle Legs, and got Brighton dancing to riot grrrl and soul classics for a year before shutting up shop and moving to London last September. Tonight we launch Eagle Legs in London at the Macbeth pub in Hoxton, and have managed to rope in lots of friends to help out, including the Dance Magic Dance ladies, Wanda Whiskey, the band Colours, zine-fave and arts collective Off Modern, Charlot Webster and her Mixtape Exchange and Nikki from The Great Cake Escape scattering tiny cakes all over the place. Needless to say, it should be a lot of fun and a great way to welcome Shebang #3 to the world, as the majority of the friends involved also feature in the issue.

For full event information, have a look at the Facebook page.

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