Saturday, 18 February 2012

Novella - Don't Believe Ayn Rand

'Don't Believe Ayn Rand' is a new track from the Brighton founded and Dalston-based Novella, who I don't really know much about but I saw them play in 2010 and they were great; a fuzz of feedback, faces hidden in curtains of dark hair and soft, Deal sisters vocals to sweeten the pill.

I've managed to successfully come late to every show they've played since so haven't seen them live for a while, but I remember looping 'Oh Brian' last spring, and as this latest track goes to show, they haven't swerved too far from their eerie-psych-meets-The-Breeders beginnings.

Produced by Rory Attwell, their debut EP is now up for pre-order on Italian Beach Babes and is due out next month.

Download the track from Soundcloud:

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