Saturday, 4 February 2012

Cass McCombs - County Line

Someone on YouTube described this particular track as "Elliott Smith meets the Bee Gees", and while that might sound like a ridiculous pairing, they kind of have a point.

I still don't get why Cass McCombs isn't better known (and I know this is something that's widely voiced) - Dropping The Writ was my introduction to his songwriting; a thriving, accomplished collection of tracks that felt unstained by self-awareness or expectations, and that grasped at emotions in a surprisingly tender manner.

The following Catacombs was a gentle, sleep-addled sprawl of late-night thoughts, delivered with an intensity that is so often lost and difficult to fake. Sometimes the pull of a particular song isn't immediate, but take the time to get to know it and you'll never want to be without it again. This has turned into more of a love note than the write-up I initially expected, but  then it's tricky not to stress the importance of Cass McCombs.

I haven't yet caught up with his most recent record, Humour Risk, as WIT's END is a pretty all-consuming listen, and it's always good to have something new lined up to explore.

This song is perfect.

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