Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Watch: John Maus - Hey Moon

Since its release, John Maus' most recent album, We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves has stayed put through many an iPod clearout, and is a record I can't see myself ever growing tired of.

The album follows on from 2007's Love Is Real which is equally as unique and atmospheric, borrowing theme music aesthetic from 80s flickering VHS movies, medieval sounds and solemn, echoing vocals that float up from the depths to create something quite otherworldy. Though favourite tracks come and go (and there are a great many of them), 'Do Your Best' is a song that will always get my full attention. It's also no suprise that John Maus was old college buddies with Ariel Pink, and was in an early line-up of the Haunted Graffiti.

Do Your Best - John Maus by parishrecords

Last week London was given the chance to see these songs brought screaming (quite literally) into the live arena, as John Maus played three shows in a row. I couldn't make the Thursday show and so saw him at Heaven (as support to Washed Out, who were good but totally eclipsed by his short but striking set) and at a lunchtime Rough Trade show the next day. Thankfully Abeano has very kindly shared a video of his newer track 'Hey Moon', alongside slow-motion footage from the Tufnell Park show.

John Maus - Hey Moon from JJJJ on Vimeo.

All of John Maus' catalogue can be purchased online from the Upset The Rhythm shop.

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