Sunday, 27 November 2011

Oneohtrix Point Never at St Giles-in-the-Fields

My Thursday night was spent in the beautiful St Giles-in-the-Fields Church, sitting in a pew and blissfully watching Oneohtrix Point Never performing tracks from his new record, Replica.

Oneohtrix Point Never is Daniel Lopatin (half of Ford & Lopatin, and founder of the Software label), and the music he creates is suited to a reverent spiritual setting; under the loops and textures, there are low, choral voices and ethereal and distant samples, summoning a presence that can go from pastoral to ominous in a few steps of sound.

On record, it's music that requires intent listening, filling silence with a metamorphosis of sound. In a live setting and accompanied by visuals, the music takes on an even more powerful and transfixing form, as fading cartoon images and three dimensional fleshy shapes rotate and diverge. It might sound like a strange thing to say, but something about the tone and atmosphere of OPN's music gives me the same creepy feeling that I used to have when I was really little, and would lie in bed at night trying to get my head around life and mortality and the things that still blow my mind when I think about them for too long.

I couldn't find any footage online that does the live show justice, so here are some videos to check out:

Replica is out now.

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