Thursday, 4 August 2011

Band: Cool Moms

Not to sound like too much of a suck up, but after doing some more digging around Gunilla Mixtapes links yet AGAIN I came across Cool Moms. With nothing but an empty Soundcloud page to go on and also an unGoogleable name, I went in knowing nothing about them except for the music they were making was a fuzzy joy of basement recordings and riot grrrl-borrowed vocals. Simple but super catchy and fun.

Then I head to Facebook and everything makes sense - the band is comprised of Allison Wolfe (vox), Grace Hall (guitar, drums, vox), Mary Jane (bass, vox) and Shelina Louise (drums, guitar, vox). Allison Wolfe is of course best known for founding Bratmobile and playing in Cold Cold Hearts and Partyline, so it's little wonder her new project is stickered with lo-fi touches and the usual sassy pop that fizzes through all of her songs.

Have a listen to 'Crazy' for a quick pick me up:

Crazy by Cool Moms

Listen to more here & like it up here.

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