Monday, 29 August 2011

Read: Got a Girl Crush Zine

While a number of people shrug off feminism as an outdated concept, or seem to think the word needs rebranding (personally, I'd rather be tied to the proverbial kitchen sink for eternity than refer to feminism as 'Bootylicious'), there is still a lot of girl love missing in popular culture (and the wider world, but that's a post for another day...).

The crappy supermarket magazines are still bursting at the staples with giant 'ring of truth' paparazzi photos, pointing out a slight peek of fleshy stomach or a Sunday morning shot of some poor, half-awake woman making a dash for the newsagents without any make-up on. These 'Women's Mags' want to be our most trusted friends and witty gal pals; all more than happy to dish out advice about what not to eat, what to nip and tuck, how to give the perfect blowjob and how to avoid the ultimate failure of (whisper it now), being single. Yet it makes for a very strange friendship - the kind that, if the papery pages were to go all Weird Science on us and become a real women, we'd probably meet up with once, nod along politely to her deluded rambling for five minutes and then make up some excuse about ironing pants and run for the hills.

Thank fuck for zines. The lone voices of intelligent girls sat in quiet little bedrooms can become a chorus of insights into weird and wonderful worlds, with tiny fragments of thoughts and musings cascading from photocopied pages and out into the great beyond. Although the printed word will always be my preferred format, the Internet can be a wonderful tool, and Andrea and Meg, the duo behind Got a Girl Crush, have got it spot on with their new zine - condensing their wonderful website into a beautifully designed keepsake.

Starting life as a much-visited Tumblr, GAGC's short and fascinating postings about unique and talented women became a haven for girl-wide positivity. Musicians, actresses, poets, photographers, artists, comediennes, pilots, writers and many more grace the virtual pages, sometimes selected for huge, groundbreaking achievements or simply for silencing the room by launching into a crazy rap on a talk show - anything and everything goes.

And you can now catch up with their many girl crushes at length in physical format! The new Got a Girl Crush zine catches up with ten women who are all inspirational in their fields, to chat about their lives, work and aspirations. Put together with a keen eye for design and an intrepid spirit, Issue #1 was a pleasure to flick through and totally worth the wait.

The issue is available to read virtually here and can be ordered here if, like me, you prefer the old-fashioned bedtime reading experience.

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