Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Split: Ale Mania / Sauna Youth

Sauna Youth know how to put on a show. In a field at midday, shielded from the bright sunlight by a thin tent with a mass of silent onlookers, they still manage to summon up the energy of a sweaty basement gig, mutating from mild mannered guys into a surging mass of wild abandon and charging riffs all looped in by stray microphone cord that circles the crowd.

They have a new split called 'Magenta', put out on Faux Disc and shared by Ale Mania (who I've gotta admit, are brand new to me, but listening to track 'Peoline' makes me feel like I've been missing out). The 7" is available to preorder here.

Thanks to modern technology you can also preview the tracks on the cute little widget below, if you're of a cautious nature:

The split is out on the 25th July, with a limited run of 300.

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