Saturday, 25 June 2011

Introducing: Las Robertas

The flourishing creative/punk scene in Costa Rica is rarely focused on this side of the ocean, but Las Robertas' recent trip over certainly gave everyone something to talk about.

Though they appear to have had various line-up changes, last week saw Mercedes, Monserrat and Franco fly the flag for Costa Rica (quite literally - they pinned up their national flag across the stage for their sets) on their first trip to Europe and the UK. Visiting London, Manchester, Brighton and London again for a farewell show, their lovable lo-fi blend of guitar pop gently rattled through the various venues as harmonies and heads swayed in time.

The music they play is kinda like if the Vivian Girls had really stuck to their garage guns after their debut; most songs just passing the 2 minute mark, sweetly sung without an whiff of sugar or self-awareness. You can't swing a tote bag around these parts without hitting upon a guitar band with a taste for K Records' vinyl and a C86 fixation, but it's been a while since I've heard a band taking those influences and making them their own.

As well as being the sweetest people you'll ever meet, their aesthetic is also an important factor as they enlist artist friends to help out with videos (watch 'Back to the End' below) and have beautifully designed merch. Look out for an upcoming interview with them in Shebang and listen here...

Their new album 'Cry Out Loud' is out now.

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