Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Video: Vivian Girls - I Heard You Say

I was lucky enough to interview the Vivian Girls (as Katy, Cassie & Ali) many years ago, before their first Brighton show at The Freebutt. They were a really fun gang of friends, sharing sweet stories about their school days together and how they were still star-struck from when Thurston Moore watched their set from the side of the stage. They are also the single reason I started to change my mind about the appeal of tattoos:

Two and a half years later and Ali has left for Best Coast, replaced by new member Fiona Campbell, and it looks as though the messy, fuzzy garage of old has also developed into slicker, dreamier pop with more focus on the harmonies (though this could just be down to the production of the new record). Either way, it's still sounding pretty sweet.

The new album, Share The Joy, is out in April and is available to preorder here

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