Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Feature - Culture of the Copy

Bit late with this (and I know talking about your own band is a bit dull) but Tye Die Tapes have very kindly put out Feature's new EP, 'Culture of the Copy' so I thought I'd give it a quick, totally shameless plug.

Because of Bandcamp's new rule change, you can now hear ALL of the songs from the four-track EP, right here, or just stream 'Psalms' to see what it's like:

We were really lucky to record this in January up in Sheffield with Michael and Adam at Tye Die Tapes. It was bloody freezing but they've done a great job at hiding the noise of the wind coming through the windows on the guitar parts. The EP was based on (one of) Jen's favourite books, Culture of the Copy by Hillel Schwartz, which is a cultural history of twins, doubles, copies, imposters and Doppelgangers. I've only dipped in and out of it on a train journey, but if you can get your hands on a copy you should - I found vanishing twin syndrome particularly fascinating, and this is what the lyrics of 'Twins' looks into.

It has also been amusing/frustrating how many 'girl band' references we're now getting, especially the old favourite of 'riot grrrl', even though as far as I know I'm the only member that has a teen love of the 'genre' (though describing it as a genre still doesn't do justice to such a hugely diverse selection of musicians that are associated with the movement). Jen never went through a riot grrrl phase and I don't think I've ever really chatted about it with Heather, so it's strange that we're still being referred to as a riot grrrl band. We wrote this piece a few years ago for our friend Sarah's art submission, which hopefully to some length explains why gender really shouldn't still be a big deal. I feel as though even responding to it draws unnecessary attention, or makes us sound moany or whatever, but there's still definitely need for discussion when it continues to still be the focus for some people.

ANYWAY. Should you like what you hear, you can get the EP on cassette or download directly from TDT:

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