Sunday, 24 February 2013

Edible Arrangements - Edible Arrangements Tape

Though I still haven't caught Edible Arrangements in the flesh, their organ-doomed pop has been slowly creeping up on live bills in London, Brighton and around the UK. They have now put their unnerving songs to tape, so that winter hermits like myself can finally get a taste.

Their spidery compositions come fixed with an eerie tension, and despite excellent titles like 'Catholic Quilt', 'Second Hand Shit That You Live In' and 'Witch Fingers' and their self-coined naming of 'Broom and Gloom', there isn't a trace of kitsch or twee at play here, but merely a sense of building unease. Certain moments remind me of The Shaggs, as though Dot, Helen and Betty had mastered their instruments, broken free of their father and all shared an unhealthy fascination with b-movies. If you're in Brighton on 15th March, be sure to head to the Molly Nilsson gig early to catch their set.

Stream the 'Edible Arrangements Tape' in full...

Order the cassette at Comfortable on a Tightrope.

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