Saturday, 10 November 2012

Mazes - Bodies

Mazes have returned! But rather than presenting another record of instant slacker punk hits straight from Pavement's backpocket, their second album 'Ores and Minerals' is a different sort of trip - a further exploration into pace and sound, and if we continue down the Malkmus' route, more is owed to the Jicks' outlandish, stretched-out meanderings than a lightheaded wander down Shady Lane. Jack Cooper has given a nod to the influence of Arthur Russell, and with Matt from Hookworms at the recording desk, the record is a multi-layered, focussed and incredibly complete listen, and (I think) their best yet.

'Bodies' is the first introduction to the new Mazes sound - leading with high vocals that soon cease to let the instrumental take over the pace. Have a listen...


'Ores and Minerals' will be released on FatCat Records on February 18th next year.

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