Monday, 24 September 2012

Cold Pumas - Persistent Malaise

With what is quite frankly the best promotional 'photo' ever conjured (all thanks to the incredible talents of Flo Brooks), today Brighton cyclical enthusiasts Cold Pumas have announced the release of their debut longplayer, titled Persistent Malaise, on the 5th November (remember, remember). The album follows years of honing loops and pedals into a gripping musical mass, and forms a cathartic and devouring escapist panorama; an interval from the rush of life, a chance to lift above and beyond and onto an alternate expanse. Well, that's how their songs always make me feel, at least. Fortunately, their ceaseless live stamina has been committed to a recording without dilution - it's still very much a perennial structure, but a the pace occasionally calms, as vocals reach through the instrumentals and catch on the tips of the interwearving guitar lines. I don't want to give too much away by breaking it all down, as this record will force itself upon your turntable and stay put for many months to come, with intricacies becoming exposed with every listen. 

The vinyl is an edition of 500 on 180g black vinyl, reverse-board printed sleeve with spine and printed inner-sleeve. Includes digital download. The CD is an edition of 1000, housed in a reverse-board printed gatefold digifile sleeve. As Faux Discx note, the digital version is hovering just outside the Earth’s atmosphere and gets beamed down via satellites to your computer. This is certainly not any kind of mindless conveyor-belt production.

Persistent Malaise will be released on the 5th November between Faux Discx, Gringo Records and Italian Beach Babes. For starters, click below to get a free download of album cut 'Fog Cutter'.

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