Monday, 23 April 2012

Sun Sister - Rich American White Kidz

Tye Die Tapes have sent some more cool shit over, and this time it's the sweetly-spoken lo-fi of 'Sun Sister'; Fitchburg, Massachusetts natives that slur their way through nonchalant tales of bleary-eyed romance that would lounge somewhere between early Ariel Pink, Spectrals, Girls and a large dollop of French yé-yé pop. It's quite a mixture, but it lends itself to so many era's that it's impossible not to get swept up in the murky, bedroom-pop that sounds as though it was recorded on an old 4-track and then chewed up by a faulty tapedeck after a night spent driving around with no real place to go. Welcome in the light evenings with a strong drink, a final cigarette and this on the stereo.

(I think I verged into the total pretentious void for a minute there, apologies). Get the cassette here!

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