Monday, 19 March 2012

Slowcoaches - We're So Heavy

There's been a whole heap of of love going around for this Leeds band over the past couple of days, and it's not so tough to see why - Slowcoaches' new cassette release 'We're So Heavy' packs a punch to the gut and spins in giddy circles until yr not sure whether to puke or pogo.

While their past songs were a little more unfinished and blurry around the edges with more male-led vocals, their newest offerings are focussed and fearless, reminiscent of all the joys of true lo-fi punk before it got all hyped up and weird and everyone sloped off to find love with synthesizers and sequencers in an attempt to get as much distance as possible. Well straight-up guitar/bass/drums set-ups can be fucking awesome, and this kind of racket is exactly why it will be forever valued.

'We're So Heavy' can be preordered now from Tie Dye Tapes for only £3 (inc. an immediate download link). At this rate it'll disappear into the ether before you know it, so act fast to make sure you get yours. You can also stream the whole release now on Bandcamp.

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