Saturday, 16 April 2011

Happy Record Store Day!

 The 9am queue at Flashback, London

I think I get more excited about the prospect of Record Store Day than my own birthday or Christmas. Last night I was still in two minds as to whether to get up early and brave the queues alone, or stay in bed for another few hours, but after actually dreaming about the Sonic Youth LP (even nerdy when asleep), I figured I should at least make an effort when my body clock woke me up at 8am.

Although every day should really be spent browsing record shops, it's nice to have an official reminder once a year that record shops are still important and shouldn't be forgotten about in the midst of supermarket sales and digital purchasing. And this year's goody list was ridiculous.

Thanks to the lovely folk at Flashback Records in Islington, this morning I managed to pick up my dreamy Sonic Youth LP 'Whore's Moaning' 12", the Warpaint & Vivian Girls singles and the Esben & The Witch EP (and the Suede single for a friend heading off on hols today). And all with change from a fifty. I accidently found my way down to their basement and picked up a few extra records (in keeping with the spirit of the day, of course...) and managed to finally get Patti Smith's 'Ask The Angels' on vinyl as an added bonus.

So Happy Record Store Day to all! And let's make sure the importance of those comforting little music dens is never forgotten.

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